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Why your workplace needs a mental health ambassador

Keeping up to date with all things Human Resources, we identified some interesting insights from the latest article from Human Resources Director Australia.

The article talks about this year’s Mental Health Month focusing on employers’ role to have early intervention practices for their employees’ health and well-being.  Detailing a good first step for organisations to reduce the stigma is to nominate a mental health ambassador.

What is a mental health ambassador?

Mental health ambassadors are a person within your team who can have peer-to-peer conversations with staff members about their mental health issues or concerns.  Helping to encourage them to seek help when needed.



Aside from appointing an ambassador within your organisation, here are other ways that Human Resources Director Australia believe employers can help create a safe and healthy environment for their workers:

  • Have a conversation
  • Respect privacy
  • Adjust and plan
  • Use non-judgemental language and stay calm
  • Focus on strengths

To read the full article – click here.  We certainly agree that recognising your team members for what they contribute and the strengths they bring to their role at work is important to business culture and workplace happiness.