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ATO issues fresh email scam warning as fraud spikes

Interesting reading from with an article discussed the Australian Tax Office “ATO” issuing a public alert warning of a potential email scam affecting clients, following an increase in fraud activity in recent months. The ATO has warned of an email scam, which features the tax office’s letterhead and an email address similar to those […]

NDIS rollout continues across Australia

Need more information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme – Read all about the latest roll out updates issued on the NDIS website – 1 January 2018. Article snapshot included: From 01 January 2018 people with disability in new regions and age groups in three states across Australia will be eligible to access the National[…..]

Lengthy recruitment process turning off top talent?

Did you know that as many as three quarters of prospective employees are turned off a job or potential employer by a long recruitment process, according to an online article published by Human Resources Director Australia – Link Here. The article revealed that the two biggest influences on a job-seekers’ opinion of an employer are[…..]